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Scared Wall. wip by Badger08 Scared Wall. wip :iconbadger08:Badger08 0 1 Mr. Turtle by Badger08 Mr. Turtle :iconbadger08:Badger08 1 2 closer by Badger08 closer :iconbadger08:Badger08 0 0 Teresa means Reaper by Badger08 Teresa means Reaper :iconbadger08:Badger08 0 0 I adore you a Mettaton by Badger08 I adore you a Mettaton :iconbadger08:Badger08 2 2
Zacharie x Reader: The Proxy (Chapter 10)
Upon entry of the facility, it was obvious that the three options that would have existed were reduced to two. The hallway split off into left and right, but there was also a restricted staircase that went down to the basement floor. You sighed, "Well, there goes my chance in meeting Enoch."
Zacharie was quick to point out the fault in that logic. "I don't suppose you could use your shifting ability to go past the barrier to visit him or anything... Seeing as the rules of the game don't really apply to you," he casually answered. He stepped forward to inspect the blockade, his infamous chuckle echoed down the twin halls. "Of course, you, such a sweet mass of coding wouldn't know anything about that, would you?" he added, cheekily.
You huffed and grinned. You hated to admit it, but perhaps he was too okay with your ability. "I'm going to regret showing you that, aren't I?"
"Not at all," he commented, holding his hands up, feigning innocence. "I am simp
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A Letter to Zacharie's Girls
My darling Puppeteers,
Unfortunately, as you all know, I have not updated for nearly two months, and I do apologize for this. But I need some help progressing in our little tale, and I have no idea where I need to go from here. I have an idea where we are going, but the path between here and there has been obscured by my own myopia.
I have already posted the above in a journal entry. I'm hoping to attract more attention by posting this in my gallery as well.
I do beg that if you have the time to throw any ideas you have my way, please. As we all know, the near is very soon and it won't be wanted, in reality, but the story keeps nagging to ended. Our Zacharie needs to finish his job. We need to build to the final destination of our Proxy. Please, help me.
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Zacharie x Reader: The Proxy (Chapter 9)
You passed the smoke stacks where they created the sugar. You looked up and watched the smoke raise for a little while before Zacharie guided you down to the stairs for the platform for the tram. You hummed, feeling light in spirits. You were able to confess your attraction and had affections returned to you, your love did not pass out when you surprised him with the new trick, and you had hopes of trying to actually help people. Zacharie had a plan that he wanted conducted.
In your own bag you still held the item that he requested long ago. Before you even knew about The Batter and his Guide entering Zone 2. He said it was a very personal item of the Batter’s and at the right time, he wanted to see if it could stop The Batter dead in his tracks. You had hope that maybe, just maybe this last area of the last zone could be the time where you could deploy the item.
Boarding the tram for Area 4 was as easy as expected from the last tram ride. In fact, knowing the system, you were ex
:iconbadger08:Badger08 34 5
Zacharie x Reader: The Proxy (Chapter 8)
The hardest for either party when dawn approached was that you would have to hide, yet again. "I don't want to leave you to wander alone," Zacharie sighed, tying one of his masks on. The Judge mask concealed his facial expression. Not that it hid his emotion from you. "But, I can't risk him finding you."
You sighed and pointed at the pile of boxes. "I think you need to see something, Zacharie..." You led him to the boxes and offered them to him. "Touch them."
He scoffed and touched them, but they would not move. "I.. do not understand," he softly murmured. You swore to yourself you could hear his brows furrow against the mask. "So what about these background ite--" His sentence was halted as you slipped yourself into the boxes, with some mental effort and strain. The usually calm and cool merchant immediately spouted out, "Que se passe-t-il?!"
You calmly stated, from within the structure of boxes. "I was wondering the same thing, you know the whole 'How do we hide me in this area, in c
:iconbadger08:Badger08 24 11
This is Why I'm Not Currently Sleeping. by Badger08 This is Why I'm Not Currently Sleeping. :iconbadger08:Badger08 1 0
Zacharie x Reader: The Proxy (Chapter 7)
You freeze, confused about his affection for the woman for a moment and raise a brow, "Siblings?"
Your favorite laugh was released as he nods. "She is my sister, my love," he purrs and steps closer. "I've already told you you're precious to me. I've already admitted I would do anything to make sure you are not harmed. I have held you as you have gone through pain." He finally loosely wraps his arms around you. "I admit, I covered it up stating that as a master and apprentice relationship it is beneficial for both to be happy, this is true, but... a master wouldn't pray for the protection of their pupil with that kind of love, know would they?"
His prayer's final words echoed, Please watch of my beloved and faithful. In your melodic name. A Hymn. You stuttered, "I-I thought beloved and faithful were separate beings. Beloved being Sucre and Faithful being ... me."
"You are my beloved and faithful," he sighs and hugs you close. "Besides, Sucre isn't in in Zone 2. My wise little si
:iconbadger08:Badger08 46 26
Zacharie x Reader: The Proxy (Chapter 6)
There has been too much time that has passed since you have been with your merchant master. Elsen have been passing by and some have asked you, in their stuttered speech, what you were doing there or if they could help you. You have been  able to sell and trade some items of use in the area for the Avatar, thus far. But, you ultimately continue to worry that the Avatar will arrive earlier than expected.
A familiar purr interrupts your thoughts. You furrow your brows and turn to find The Judge at the front door of what you had set up as “The Judge” side for Zacharie’s duties. Or that was what you have concluded Zacharie has been doing.  Your jaw drops and you hop over the counter and slide to your knees. The cat hops up to be picked up into your arms as you greet him. “Pablo,” you whisper as tears begin to trail down your cheeks. “I’m so sorry… I’m so sorry,” you begin to sob as you hold the weeping cat. His permanent
:iconbadger08:Badger08 31 10
Zacharie x Reader: The Proxy (Chapter 5)
“So, you found quite a few things for me, my dear,” was the first thing you heard when you arrived at the room you and the merchant had decided to place the shop, or so you thought. “Yeah, people are really friendly here. One group of the residents have agreed to look out for any materials that you told me that was expected of The Batter to need in the next area,” you answered, looking around. “Is there a reason why the shop hasn’t been set up yet?”
“That is one excellent question,” he chimed, holding up a finger, but said nothing more. The silence indicated he wanted you to keep going.
“Why are you still wearing The Judge mask?” you asked, raising a brow. You were just hoping to be on the right track of what Zacharie was wanting you to do to play along with his quiz game.
“That is a great second inquiry, my delightful Proxy,” he praised and rose a second finger. When you didn’t ask another question, bu
:iconbadger08:Badger08 37 11
Some of the newest of my babies. :D


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I'm finally returning... returning from the Burnt Sugar of Elsen.
Unfortunately, as you all know, I have not updated for nearly two months, and I do apologize for this. But I need some help progressing in our little tale, and I have no idea where I need to go from here. I have an idea where we are going, but the path between here and there has been obscured by my own myopia.
I will be posting this as an entry in my gallery as well, hoping to attract more attention, but I do beg that if you have the time to throw any ideas you have my way, please.
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